Process Control Systems

Bonner can deliver Process control systems for all industries including Food & Beverage, Dairy, manufacturing and Medical Device. Partnering with B&R Industrial Automation, the process control system offered provide a modern, efficent system for either machine building to local IoT control & moniotring to factory wide SCADA applications. We provide support throughout the system's entire life cycle – from planning, library creation and configuration to commissioning and operation including our after commission services from our Instrumentation team including on-going calibration and maintenace of sensors and remote monitoring.






Plant Automation

Standardised system components developed with object-oriented programming make it possible to modularise entire plants and factories systems. At the same time, the associated time and cost of commissioning is reduced. Centralized project management together with a standardized library makes maintaining systems around the world both easier and more efficient. System availability is maximized by secure, integrated remote access for maintenance, service and upgrades.

Factory Automation

Factory automation includes things like line automation of assembly lines, for example in the automotive and food industries. Centralised acquisition of data from every module in a production line allows for comprehensive online performance control. Tracking the flow of materials allows each completed production step to be traced seamlessly at any time.

Process Control

An integrated process control system significantly reduces the amount of engineering on the one hand while also lowering operation and maintenance costs throughout the entire life cycle of a system on the other. An integrated version control system expedites the validation of systems with Integrated alarm and trend systems ensure complete transparency without requiring additional costly expert systems.

Energy monitoring

Integrated energy measurement modules supply all electrical & current values by collecting data from all energy sources (natural gas, oil, etc.) to provide complete and automatic collection of actual energy usage. Energy management systems as defined in ISO 50001 are easily implemented with measurement and display of consumption and cost data. Historical data allows detailed analysis of energy consumption, making it easy to identify cause and effect.


Condition monitoring

Online vibration measurement integrated in B&R I/O modules makes it possible to identify the mechanical condition of the machine and allows performance degradations to be detected early on so that serious damage can be prevented. Condition-based predictive maintenance reduces the number of unpredicted outages, thus keeping the costs associated with downtime and repairs to an absolute minimum.


Process data acquisition

Centralised acquisition of data incuding SCADA from machines and systems enables comprehensive online performance monitoring and visualization. Long-term archiving ensures the ability to assess the quality of the manufacturing process. Integrated reports provide detailed analysis of all process data in order to optimize production processes. Combined display of ongoing data, alarms and events in the TrendViewer make it easy to trace cause and effect.

Bonner Process Control


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